Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hungry for the Wolf!!

Hey all you New Moon fans out there! Yes, I am one of you! Normally I'm not one of those crazy people who dress up and go to the midnight showing of movies...until now! I am a big fan of the Twilight series, and Jacob is my all time favorite character in her books. I knew that I had to do we decided on t-shirts! I thought they came out AWESOME!!!! I do however, have to apologize for my bad pictures! Double click on the image and it will come up bigger. I love vinyl! You can put it on almost anything!


The Ingebretsen's... said...

I love your vinyl!! I Think the shirts turned out awesome! If I order some vinyl will you mail it to Utah? I need to get my house looking ready to sell! Your house looks great! We miss you already! Talk to you Soon!

J and Company said...

I didn't know that vinyl could be put on shirts! I love all of your cute ideas, I think my favorite is the Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto on top of Tate's bed! I love the font, the colors, everything! And I have to confess that I was always so jealous of your cute door signs when you lived in Tooele. You're so creative