Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Door Vinyl

I love to put different sayings on my door as the season's change. Here is some of the one's I have done.

Here is my old house in Tooele. It says "Welcome" in the font "Flowerchild" and "The Wilcox's" in "Scriptina".

I put this by my door bell on siding during the Halloween season. It went on really well, and when Halloween was over I put "No Soliciting". The font is "Girls are Weird".

This is what is on my door this Halloween season.

Grow old with me

Here is a tile I did for a couple who's favorite quote is "Grow old with me, the best is yet to be". I included their initials and gave it to them for Christmas. I loved how it turned out! My camera really is the worst! This might be a little blurry! Sorry! The font is also "Majestic" and "Dauphin".


Last Christmas I did some tiles for a friend of the Webber's. You are probably thinking "Who are the Webber's?", well see my first post below. She was doing 12 days of Christmas for her neighbors and this was for one of the days. I liked how the names came out. The initial was done in a font called "Majestic" and the wording was done in "Dauphin".


This was for a friend of mine. She had a baby and I gave her this frame with his name on it. I love the versatility of vinyl it goes on so many different things. The font here is called "Mistral".

Jennah Vinyl

I've already talked about my niece Jennah in a previous post, but here is the vinyl I gave to her for her birthday. She loves being a princess! The font here is "font diner sparkly"

Vorwaller Vinyl

There was a really neat couple I met about a year ago that I did vinyl for. She invited me in and fed me and my son cookies! The perfect Grandma! The cookies were delicious!!! They were religious and they wanted the vinyl in the kitchen, so they decided to use a scripture from the Bible. The quote is a little large, but it was the size that it needed to be to go around the kitchen. They were happy with it, and so was I. The font they chose is called "Amaze". Speaking of religious here is the beginning and end of the quote...hahahaha!


Ok, I have a confession. I really don't like to make boards very often. Only because it is really hard to know exactly what people want and like, I get too crazy about it! A couple of years ago, I had someone who wanted to do boards for their neighbors for Christmas. They wanted them to look old and Tuscany. I fretted over this for months after I gave them away! I shouldn't have because I got a lot of business from those people who received the boards, but I couldn't help it! This is a board I made for my neighbor after she had her baby. I love the distressed look. My friends always laugh because everything I say about vinyl is followed up with "...and we can distress it!" The font on here is called "scriptina". It is one of my favorites, though it doesn't work with everything.

More boards

Here is another board that I made for some others who were also having babies. There was a surge of girls! Well, I only have boys so this was fun to do! " As I said in the previous post, the font on these is "Scriptina" and the "I am a daughter of God" is in "font diner".

Sheet Metal

I came up with this idea as a whim for a baby shower game gift. Well, they were a hit, and really easy to make. The font here is called "Dauphin". I made the magnets and everything!

Jennah Blocks

Here are some blocks that I did a couple of years ago for my niece Jennah. This is the first time I did this, and I thought they turned out pretty cute. I have to apologize for my horrible photography skills! I made the wood look distressed. The font here is called "Curlz"

Halloween Blocks

Here are some blocks that I did this year for Halloween. I thought they turned out great! Thanks Jessica for supplying the wood. The font here is called "Girls are Weird"

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Webber's

The Webber's are one of the greatest families in Tooele. They are all so kind and fun to be around. They found me at the farmer's market in Fall 2006, and we have been friends ever since. Well, I will be forever be grateful to them for choosing me to do their vinyl, they have the most beautiful home I have ever been in.

I almost didn't include this picture, the vinyl is very faint, because it was at the very top and white against a soft pink wall. But it literally took me all day to apply it so I HAD to include it!